HowWe Can Help.

Through our experience and capability, we could help the system integrators and software developers to expand their business scope and revenue. They just need to focus on their niche specialist, we will help to choose and develop the right solution which can fulfill their needs with good budget and take care of the product development, production, quality control, logistics…etc. services.

We can also help the motherboard channel distributors to fulfill custom needs from their customers. We can provide mechanical and system design to integrate their current boards based on the requirements.

We have developed many different type projects for our partners which build the host servers, storage severs, IPC and HPC for medical equipment's (such as CT, X-Ray scanner, MRI), packet capture, networking management and gaming, the analyzing equipment in colleges and universities, the multimedia system for vehicles…etc. application. Please check with case study page which share how we do in the past.