Product Case.

Ashinne Technology is dedicated in custom design and manufacturing service for chassis, system of server, cloud storage device and industrial computer products. The major strength of Ashinne is to design the complicated custom projects with flexible support for low to medium quantity.

If the client already selected the motherboard but with special requirements for chassis, Ashinne can design and produce the chassis according to the specification requirements. Then Ashinne will select and purchase the components, then do the system integration and assembly. If the client does not have any preferred motherboard but with pressure, Ashinne will help to select the cost-effective motherboards and chassis or barebone from the market. Then Ashinne will select and purchase components, then do the system integration and assembly.

All the products listed here inside product case pages are from Ashinne previous winning projects which can be defined as three major product segments by its form factor: Rackmount series、Tower series and Non-standard series (other form factor). They are just used as reference for client’s selection, but the products and services that Ashinne can provide are not limited to the products listed in the product case. The scope of Ashinne's custom services is from the mechanical design of small add on cards to the rack cabinets and their system integration design and system assembly production.

Ashinne's factory provides great flexibility for small to medium-sized projects, the minimum production quantity is just 20 units. Ashinne can provide the great help for software developers (especially for cloud and network application), system integrators and motherboard distributors by increasing their product line and service range. Any custom project inquires, and cooperation opportunities are welcome for discussion.